Dear Grieving Mama,

Please give yourself the freedom to feel the anguish of your loss.  Allow your tears to splash down your cheeks and agree with your heart that you ache.

You know by now that the waves of grief come and go as they please. In just a little while, this particular wave will depart, and you’ll be able to breathe again. Just as you would comfort anyone else experiencing such heartbreak, please allow yourself much grace, and be taken care of for a time.

Sadness is not a sign of weakness; it is evidence of deep love.

Milestones and holidays are complicated, for joy and sorrow mingle as two awkward acquaintances. So let your guard down; laugh when cheer erupts and weep when despair envelops you; there are no expectations. The Lord understands your confusion in this new reality.

Please know that the Savior holds you close, for He is ever so near to the brokenhearted.

With love,


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