Hello and welcome, I am so glad you found your way here!

My name is Missy Linkletter; I am Tim’s bride and mama to five pretty great children.

In July of 2017, we lost our firstborn son Justin in a car accident. As a family, we will never be the same. I write a lot about our journey through grief and learning to trust the Lord when our world is upside down.

Since Justin’s death, I see life through a new lens; the things that once held me captive no longer have a hold on me. Only God can bring beauty from such devastation. He has given me freedom from a lifelong battle with food that was 90% emotionally driven.

Favorite subjects/things I like to talk about and ponder

  • Grief When we first lost Justin, I just wanted someone to tell me I was going to be “okay.” Today, I know better. I will never be the same again, but I grieve with HOPE. I want you to know no matter what circumstance you face; there is hope in Jesus Christ!
  • All things Mama It’s a crazy house here! Our three youngest boys are 9-years-old, 7-years-old, and 4-years old, and they are ROWDY! And, of course, our one and only daughter is a pretty fantastic 19-year-old who loves Jesus.
  • Feeling my emotions NOT eating them I know this vicious cycle backward and forwards, we were BFF’s for over a decade. Freedom in Christ tastes a zillion times better than any food I have ever eaten.
  • The WORD Oh, I love the Word of God. I love reading the Bible, studying the Scriptures, writing about it, and talking about it!

About Me

Tim and I married in January of 1995. Two years ago we moved from Texas to a rural town in Arizona.

I stay at home with my kiddos, and I am probably the least likely homeschool mom you’d ever meet, Type-B personality and all.

I spend most days sans make-up, hair in a ponytail, and layered in comfy clothes.

When I am not in full on mama-mode, I love going on dates with my hubs, having coffee with girlfriends, writing, and bargain shopping.