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Six Months Later

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One minute I was telling Justin to be careful and that I loved him. The next minute (or hours later) we were being awakened by the sheriff’s office telling us something no parent ever dreams of hearing, our dear Justin was gone. As anyone can imagine, there was wailing, weeping, and pure disbelief.

In those early days, we walked about in a fog. Dear family and precious friends began pouring in from all over the country to be with us in our great time of need. We were surrounded by loved ones, did they ever love us well! Our house was cleaned, meals prepared, our children were doted on, and laundry was completed (no small miracle). Mostly, we just cried and they patiently listened and held us tight.

We, with the help of a great army of laborers, planned a memorial service. We honored our dear Justin’s young 20-year-old life. The Lord called Justin to salvation at a young age. We are overwhelmed with joy that he loved the Lord with much enthusiasm and an authentic wonder. He was one to talk about heaven often and how he longed to be there with the Lord. A sweet memory to always be cherished is the night of the memorial. A great number of us sat together in our living room singing hymns and songs of worship to our mighty and faithful God. Justin would have loved it. I have found one anecdote for my heart in the deep seas of grief is to sing praises to our King. It puts me in my rightful place and reminds me of my hope.

Just days later, we buried our precious son with guttural moans, each of us longing to join him. Eventually, we returned to our home and life as it once was no longer existed.

Everday is one where we learn to live without his presence, his loud music, and his contagious laugh. Each of us misses him so and try and imagine what it must be like for him in heaven!

Forever hoping in our faithful God,


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3 thoughts on “Six Months Later

  1. Laurie

    It is amazing to see how God is helping you through this. You have blessed my day. God be with you and your family each and every minute of every day. Love in Christ, Laurie (Redemption Gateway)

    1. keepingmypromisejustin

      Laurie, thanks so much for your sweet words, the Lord is near. <3 Now you've made my evening! 🙂

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